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Thrive Leads Ultimate Review (With Live Demo of All Features)

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It’s time that someone finally shows you all the power hidden within Thrive Leads WordPress plugin. If you didn’t know it’s the best, yes, truly the best tool you can have to build your email list fast, easy and the fancy way.

This review will not only tell you about all the cool features Thrive Leads has, I am also going to show you LIVE in this article each and every feature of Thrive Leads.

That means you’ll see first hand all the nice opt-in templates, triggers, popups and more.

Long story short, click here => HERE <= and get yourself a copy of Thrive Leads now.



Ok, go through this article first, read it and see all the fancy cool stuff, and then come back at the beginning of this article and get yourself a copy of Thrive Leads (or even better, the whole package).

Deal? Deal!

Let’s start!

P.S. You can use this fancy table of contents thingy below to navigate on each section.

Thrive Leads warm up FAQ

I first wanted to introduce Thrive Leads for all of you who are wondering should you be even reading this article, let alone buying this WordPress plugin.

Well, here are your doubts removed within just 3 powerful answers below.

1. Why do you need Thrive Leads in the first place

Why do i need thisEven birds on trees already know that money is in the list. I won’t discuss the truthfulness of that saying, but I’ll agree that growing your email list is really important for you business.

While getting their email addresses is the first step, and developing a relationship with your subscribers is the second step, and third and final step would be the sale, you can’t get to that second or third step without the first one, right?

That’s where Thrive Leads comes into the picture.

With Thrive Leads you can effectively grow your email list fast and easy.

I’ll show you all the features live in this article and prove my points, but for starters you just need to know that with Thrive Leads you have solved all your technical features, everything is point and click and it even does the thinking for you.

If you have an online business (website powered by WordPress) you can’t afford not to have Thrive Leads installed.

2. Why Thrive Leads and not something else

thrive-leads-vs-competitionTrue, there are a bunch of other WordPress plugins for list building, some completely free and some paid. So why Thrive Leads among all others?

The short answer is – Thrive Leads is the best WordPress list building plugin out there.

The long answer is – Thrive Leads is the most comprehensive, fastest, easiest to use, with the most features available, regularly updated (approx. every 2 weeks), regularly getting new features (approx. every 4 weeks), compatible with 99% of email marketing services / providers (scroll a bit down to see which ones), has beautiful opt-in templates, has animations, has… well, everything 🙂

It’s not perfect of course. But comparing it with other solutions (check this comparison table) this one is really the best money can buy, and actually pretty cheap. You will see its real power in this article.

3. Is Thrive Leads worth the investment

Thrive-Leads-worthWith everything you get within Thrive Leads package, compared to other similar solutions, it is without a doubt the best investment you will made.

I personally use Thrive Leads on this blog, together with Thrive Content Builder (Thrive Landing Pages) and I also use some of Thrive Themes on other sites.

If that could be the case with you than don’t get piece by piece and pay for everything separately, it’s going to cost you much more than it should.

Choose Thrive Membership and get all their themes and plugins for a really low price.

Some Thrive Leads facts you probably didn’t know

  • Although Thrive Leads will help you build any kind of opt-in form, you don’t have to use opt-in forms at all. In your popups, or sidebar widgets, or scroll mats you can show anything you like to users and not just optin forms (like Facebook like box, videos, basically any kind of content). That’s one of the best (not really mentioned a lot) features of Thrive Leads and their content editor (form builder) which is the same as in Thrive Content Builder. See how it looks like on the image below:

  • Each Thrive Leads opt-in form template can be used with multi-steps (multiple states) features. That way you can experiment all you want and make your forms into small quizzes, which will help you segment your list even better.
  • Almost every feature within Thrive Leads comes with a video explanation on how to use it. If you are not sure how to use certain form or what it does, all you have to do is click on the small blue round play icon.
  • Thrive Themes as a company are very well organized and hard working, releasing updates, improvements and bug fixes constantly + they have a really detailed documentation of each tool. You can check what have they released lately on their blog.
  • You can connect Thrive Leads with more than 20 online apps, including regular email autoresponders like GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber or ConvertKit, most popular webinar apps like WebinarJam and GoToWebinar, or even email delivery services like Amazon SES and Madrill. Check full providers list below:


  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailPoet
  • WordPress account
  • Ontraport
  • iContact
  • ConvertKit
  • InfusionSoft
  • SendReach
  • KlickTipp
  • Sendy
  • ArpReach
  • Drip
  • ConstantContant
  • MadMimi
  • HubSpot
  • SendInBlue



  • ReCaptcha


  • Mandrill
  • Postmark
  • Mailgun
  • Amazon SES
  • SendInBlue Email

Don't see your favorite system listed above? Don't worry: Thrive Leads is compatible with hundreds more services through its HTML form integration method. If you have an email marketing, automation or CRM system that lets you create an HTML signup form, it will work with Thrive Leads.

***Have more Thrive Leads pre-buy questions? Ask them in the comment area below and I’ll be happy to answer them all.

Thrive Leads buying, installation, activation and dashboard explained

In this chapter I’ll assume you still didn’t get your Thrive Leads copy (anyone listening to me here?) and I’ll show you how to get it, which option to choose, show you how to activate it and explain you a few most important things within your Thrive Dashboard.

1. Get Thrive Leads – Choose your package

After you visit official Thrive Leads page, check the video, scan through all the features and finally fall in love with it, it’s time to get yourself a copy.


You are presented with 3 options:

  • Single site ($67) – Install & activate on 1 website you own; 1 year of support
  • Unlimited sites ($97) – Install & activates on unlimited websites you own; 1 year of support
  • Agency license ($588) – All plugins and themes; use on unlimited website you own; use on client websites; 1 year of support

Of course I don’t know how much money do you have to invest at the moment of purchase, but if the money isn’t the issue and you are only concerned about the value you’re gonna get for the money, here’s my recommendation.

If you need only Thrive Leads plugin go with the Unlimited Sites License.

Yes, I understand that you have only 1 website now and Single Site License is cheaper, but trust me, sooner or later you’re gonna create another website and kick yourself in the butt because you didn’t buy unlimited sites license.

Before you buy Thrive Leads wait just one more second.

Thrive Themes have another great plugin called Thrive Content Builder (Thrive Landing Pages). They also have amazing conversion-based WordPress themes. Why not get the whole package that works seamlessly with each other?

If interested than please check Thrive Membership and save yourself over $700 if you decide to go for it.


Back to Thrive Leads. Now when you got it, login to your Thrive members area and download your Thrive Leads WordPress plugin.

Thrive Leads Download

2. Install & Activate Thrive Leads

Install Thrive Leads plugin as any other WordPress plugin, go to Plugins -> Add new -> Upload.

After upload is done activate the plugin.

Now, before you can start using Thrive Leads you need to activate your Thrive Leads license.

To do that go to Thrive Dashboard settings -> License manager, as shown on the image below:


When you click on it a new window will appear with a license form. To activate your Thrive Leads license please enter your email address and license key (both of which you can find in your Thrive members area).


After that you are done and Thrive Leads is ready to be used.

3. Thrive (Leads) Dashboard

Thrive Dashboard and Leads Dashboard are actually two different things, as you can see from the image(s) below.


Thrive Dashboard (image above) is a central place for all of your Thrive products, whether it’s just Thrive Leads or the whole package.

Within Thrive Dashboard you can access and manage your installed Thrive products or you can manage some features used in all Thrive products like API Connections, Custom fonts, Retina icons and General settings.

For more info about Thrive Dashboard check this video.


Leads Dashboard (image above) on the other hand is a dashboard dedicated solely to Thrive Leads features and settings.

This is the place from where you create your opt-in forms, choose targeting, do A/B testing, check statistics and more.

For easier and quicker explanation I decided to create a short video explaining some of Leads Dashboard features. More details on each feature can be found in this article.

4. Thrive forms settings

Each Thrive Leads form has it’s own small dashboard and settings.

In all of them you can always see Form Impressions, Conversions (number) and Conversion Rate (%).

Other available settings, depending on the form type you choose are:


  • Show on page load (immediately)

  • Show after a certain period of time (up to 100 seconds)

  • Show when the user scrolls to a percentage of the way down the content (0-100%)

  • Show when user reaches the bottom of the page

  • Show when the user scrolls to a specific part of the content (defined by class or ID; you can use SmartExit intent if the user attempts to leave the page before reaching that part)

  • Show when the user clicks an element (defined by class or ID)

  • Show when the user is about to exit the page (exit intent)

  • Show when the form enters viewport

Display frequency:

  • 0 (All the time)

  • Every 1 - 100 (days)


  • Bottom

  • Top

  • Bottom left

  • Bottom right

  • Top left

  • Top right

  • After 1-10 paragraphs


  • Instant

  • Zoom In

  • Zoom Out

  • Rotational

  • Slide in from Top

  • Slide in from Bottom

  • Slide in from Left

  • Slide in from Right

  • 3D Slit

  • 3D Flip (Horizontal)

  • 3D Flip (Vertical)

  • 3D Sign

  • 3D Rotate Bottom

  • 3D Rotate Left

  • Blur

  • Make Way

  • Slip from Top

  • Bounce In

  • Bounce In Down

  • Bounce In Left

  • Bounce In Right

  • Bounce In Up

I repeat, NOT all of these settings above are available for all forms, it depends on the form type you use.

5. Useful info for beginners

Now that you have Thrive Leads, all those options can be overwhelming, so I decided to give you few links to article from Thrive Theme’s knowledge base you should check.

  • Thrive knowledge base – Here you can find a bunch of useful articles and tutorials on how to use Thrive Leads and other Thrive products
  • Build your first form (tutorial) – Here you will learn how to create your first opt-in form with Thrive Leads
  • Thrive lead groups tutorial – Learn what are lead groups and how to use them
  • Display priority of forms (important) – This is really important because newbies can get confused when they create multiple lead groups and than wonder why some of their forms are not showing – because priority is not set correctly

For any problems you might have go to Thrive forums and ask for help. Guys over there (Thrive’s support theme) is really fast and awesome and will help you with any issue whatsoever.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the backend of Thrive Leads, let me show you everything that Thrive Leads has to offer and show it LIVE on this blog.

Thrive Leads optin forms – Live demos

Here comes the fun part of this article 🙂

I will demonstrate each Thrive Leads opt-in form within this article to show you just how powerful and nice looking it is. All forms are real and working. Feel free to subscribe 🙂

I won’t show you each template available for certain opt-in form, that would be a bit hard to do. Rather it’s going to be just one (the best one) for each opt-in, somewhat customized by me.

You will also find out what options are available within each opt-in form.

Let’s begin 🙂

1. Thrive Leads – Ribbon opt-in


Ribbons are by some definition long stripes located at the top or bottom of the page, in this case showing an opt-in form on it.

Honestly, Thrive could have done a better job with the Ribbon opt-in templates. Out of 9 available only 1-2 of them looks like something worth using out of the box.

So in 90% of the time you’ll end up creating your own Ribbon or modifying existing ones, which is not really a bad thing nor is it very difficult to do with Thrive Leads (it’s very easy).

To show you that Ribbons doesn’t have to be that bad (and if you have the right tool like Thrive Leads they can be quite awesome actually), I have created 2 Ribbon versions.

One is available right now, and the other one will be shown probably if you reload or if you check this article in a different browser. I used Thrive’s A/B testing features to see which one performs better.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this article you’ll see a nice ribbon showing up at the bottom of the screen (that ribbon will look like as the image above).

If you don’t see that one you’ll see the “ribbon” hanging out from the top (image below), right beneath the menu, showing a product image. If you see it click on the product image to see magic in action.


*This is not actually a ribbon (it looks like on the image below), it’s a modification of ribbon template, just to show you some out of the box thinking and the power of Thrive Leads builder.

**You can see my ribbon opt-in forms only on your computer, I disabled showing them on mobile devices (for obvious reasons – too much opt-in forms at once on small screens could block each other and make impossible to close). Still, ribbon opt-in forms are responsive so that they look awesome on any device, just so you know.

2. Thrive Leads – Lightbox opt-in

Thrive Leads - Lightbox example

Or, usually known as a pop-up although it’s not.

This is by far the most popular option for any user, and that’s why Thrive Leads has 46 regular opt-in form templates and 17 multi-step opt-in templates available as a lightbox. That’s over 60 templates which is mind blowing.

Lucky for all of us, most of these templates look really really nice.

I decided again to show you 2 versions, just so that you can see what’s possible with Thrive Leads.

So, one opt-in will show up automatically after 60 seconds (as on the image above).

And the other one will show ONLY if you → click here. It looks like on the image below.

Thrive Leads - Lightbox (popup) onclick example

Both light boxes are built with point and click Thrive Leads form builders and there is no custom coding involved here.

Which one do you like better? 🙂

3. Thrive Leads – Widget opt-in

Thrive Leads widget opt-ins are mostly used in sidebars, but you can use them in any widget area (like, in footer for example).

Thrive has about 36 widget optin templates at the moment of writing this article, giving you a nice variety of options.

Thrive Leads - Widget opt-in example

There are really a few beautifully designed, and one of them is shown live in the sidebar (on the right).

Though sidebar opt in forms aren’t effective as they used to be few years ago, they can still captivate readers attention and convert them to subscriber. That’s even easier to do with Thrive Leads and their 36 templates.

4. Thrive Leads – Post footer opt-in

Thrive Leads - Footer opt-in example

I actually used Thrive’s post footer opt-in form since the moment I got Thrive Leads. It’s one of my favorite places to show off your opt-in form, although not converting that well compared to other opt-ins.

You can choose between 35 regular beautiful footer opt-in form templates, and 13 multi-step footer opt-in form templates.

If you want to see one in action scroll back to the end of this article.

Like with any Thrive Leads opt-in forms, you can use footer opt-in for something else or more than just an opt-in. For example if you want to direct users to some other page of your website, or even to a sales page. I think that’s a good tactic which I will incorporate within certain categories of my blog.

5. Thrive Leads – Slide in opt-in

Thrive Leads slide in opt-in is a cool little feature I really like, but I don’t see it that often used on other blogs.

Currently there are 12 templates you can use as your slide in, and you can choose from 4 different positions (bottom left & right, top left & right).

Thrive Leads Slide In opt-in example

One thing I would wish to have thought, it a control of where does the slide in actually slides in. Currently it slides only from the sides of the screen (either from the left or the right), but I would like to see it slide in also from the top or bottom. Otherwise I have no other complaints 🙂

You can see Slide in in action if you scroll down to 50% of this page.

I actually created 2 slide in forms, one is shown as the image above, and another one looks like the image below.

Thrive Leads Slide in cow

You will however see only 1 at a time in action because I created an A/B test. If you want to see the second one try clearing your cookies or try with another browser.

6. Thrive Leads – In content opt-in

Thrive Leads In content opt-in

This type of opt-in form, as the name says, will appear within the content of your posts – automatically.

You can choose from 35 different templates and after you set it all up, it will auto appear after X amount of paragraphs (the max. number of paragraphs after which it can appear is 10).

You can use this to appear after the first 2 paragraphs, it’s a good place at the beginning of your article to show your opt-in forms. Still, I would like to have an option to manually turn it off on certain posts (within the post editor). However, I guess you can do that after you publish the post and then exclude that post ID within the targeting options.

You can see this Thrive Leads in content form live in this article, right after the 8th paragraph (scroll up!).

7. Thrive Leads – Screen filler Lightbox opt-in

Thrive Leads - Screen filler opt-in

I remember when this came out it was my instant favorite, and still is (together with Scroll Mat).

It’s very similar to Thrive Leads Scroll Mat but instead of using it the very same second a user lands on your website, you can use Screen Filler Lightbox whenever you want.

It fills the whole screen and gives you a lot of space to convert people into subscribers.

You can choose from 11 regular opt-in templates and 14 multi-step opt-in templates.

See it live as an exit intent – it will show when you attempt to exit/close this page.

8. Thrive Leads – PHP insert opt-in

Thrive Leads - PHP code opt-in example

PHP insert opt-in of one of Thrive Leads features you probably won’t use that often, if ever.

But man, when you need it, it will come really handy and you’ll be so happy it exists.

I remember doing some custom opt-in forms for clients, in some weird areas, like in header, and 99% of the time you have to manually code that form in. Now, Thrive Leads makes it a lot easier to implement with their point and click builder and embeddable PHP code.

You can choose between 35 regular opt-in templates and 13 multi-step templates.

You can see PHP insert in action in the footer (non-widget area) on this article only, so scroll down all the way to the bottom.

Keep in mind this is for advanced users only. If you don’t know what you are doing you can crash your website.

9. Thrive Leads – Scroll Mat opt-in

Thrive Leads - Scroll Mat example

Scroll Mat is one of the most popular and visually most appealing ways to get user’s attention.

It’s a popular way of building your email list used by many well known marketers and bloggers.

Since you are already reading this article there’s a good chance you have already seen it in action.

If not, just reload this article or click here just for a preview (opens in a new tab).

At the moment of writing this article there are 6 regular opt-in templates, and 6 multi-step opt-in templates for Scroll Matt opt-ins.

They are all very simple and nice looking, but if you don’t like them you can easily create something better like I did here.

I personally like Thrive Leads 2-step Scroll Mats, although one-step optin forms are really nice too. Before deciding which one to use, I suggest to split test them.

10. Thrive Leads – Lead shortcodes (and content locking) opt-in

Thrive Leads - Content Upgrades example

Lead shortcodes are in a way similar to in content forms, but in this case you can show your opt-in wherever you want within your posts or pages, that is, at the place you put the shortcode.

Lead shortcodes can also be used anywhere else on the website because you also get a PHP code to use at your will.

But the best or most interesting feature of Lead shortcodes is the possibility to use it as a content locker.

To enable content locking you just need to click on the Yes/No button and that’s it. Anything you put between the shortcode brackets will be hidden until your users subscribe.

There are 44 regular opt-in templates, and 19 multi-step opt-in templates to choose from.

One interesting I noticed is there are actually several multi-step templates which are made specifically to be used as content upgrades.

After your content upgrade shortcode is inserted it will show a lightbox when user clicks on it.

Here are few examples of Lead shortcodes below, like a content locking form below…

Hidden Content – This is just an example, you can hide anything here, links, text, download buttons, images, videos, any kind of content that can be usually shown within WordPress articles.

…or this content upgrade example:

Now you can have cool content upgrades on your blog just like pro bloggers and internet marketers do 🙂

11. Thrive Leads – ThriveBoxes opt-in

ThriveLeads ThriveBoxes example

ThriveBoxes, formerly known as 2-step short code, are similar to Lead shortcodes.

At first it might seem that they are all the same, but they actually aren’t.

With ThriveBoxes you can make any text (or image) within your posts or pages clickable, after which it will trigger a lightbox (after user clicks on the link).

That can be used also for content upgrades but it won’t look that appealing since it looks like a normal link.

There’s a second way you can use ThriveBoxes on your website, and that is – in your menus. For example you can set it up like that when someone clicks on a link in your main menu a lightbox will be triggered and appear in front of him.

If you want to see it live from Income Mesh menu hover over Products and click on List Building Course from the drop down.

For a live example please CLICK HERE and you’ll see it in action 🙂

Or, click on the image below to see it in action again 🙂


Cool, right? 🙂

12. Thrive Leads – Signup Segue

Thrive Leads Signup Segue isn’t actually an opt-in form builder, it’s more a special url builder.

Let me try to explain this quickly…

You can use Signup Segue when you need your current subscribers to confirm their interest in your new product, a waiting list, attendance at your upcoming webinar or something similar.

Basically, something where they would need to subscribe again. Signup Segue helps you get their consent without subscribing again, instead they just need to click on your special link.

So for example, if you are having a webinar next week and want to invite your subscribers to attend, they don’t need to subscribe for the webinar again (which is what is usually done), instead they only need to click on your special Signup Segue generated link and they are automatically subscribed.

Shane from Thrive Themes explained that in video below:

P.S. If you are already an Income Mesh subscriber and would like to be notified when I launch my new List Building Unleashed course + if you want to see Signup Segue in action, you'll need to click on my Segue link from within one of the emails I'll send you.

Other Thrive Leads features

This article has over 5000 words. Now you see how much is there to show you within Thrive Leads, and that’s not all.

There are some more cool Thrive Leads features I want to share with you below.

Keep in mind that Thrive team regularly updates its plugins, so by the time you read this article and decide to buy it there may be some more features available which I didn’t mention in this article.

Take a look below what else can you expect to find in Thrive Leads plugin…

Smart Links

You will absolutely love this one, I do.

Here’s the deal. When you send emails to your subscribers and they come to your website by clicking the link from your email, most of the time they will again see all your optin forms, popups and everything else. Which makes no sense since they have already subscribed and those opt-in forms are now just annoying them.

Well, Thrive Leads comes to the rescue.

With Smart Links feature you can create special links for your subscribers, that way when they click on it and come to your site your forms will be hidden to them (if you decide to make it so), or they can be shown something else on the place where you opt-in forms used to show.

Check video below for more info and to see it in action:

Isn’t that sweet and powerful? Not sure if there’s any other tools in the world except Thrive Leads that gives you so much power.

Asset Delivery

Quick explanation: Automatically Send Download Links to New Subscribers.


Since Thrive’s team explained it really well, here’s a quick copy/paste from their website:

“The asset delivery feature lets you upload files (e.g. PDF reports) to your WordPress site and have those files automatically delivered whenever someone signs up through a Thrive Leads form.

You can choose whether or not a downloadable file should be sent and which downloadable file should be sent, on a form-by-form basis.

Most typically, this feature is used for content upgrades.​”

How cool is that? 🙂

If you want to know more take a look at this article explaining Asset Delivery feature in more details.

Leads Export

Wanna have backup of your leads? Here it is.

Every subscriber that your get through Thrive Leads forms will not only end up in your favorite autoresponder (check GetResponse and ConvertKit), it will also be saved within Thrive Leads.


That way you have a backup of your subscriber’s data, you can see when they subscribed, export them and even manually forward their data to your email address.

A/B Testing

With Thrive Leads you have an excellent A/B testing engine available for each form. Please use it. It will give you so much insight and will help you improve your conversion rate.

The best thing about it – it’s all automated.

Thrive-Leads-A-B-Testing-Forms Thrive-Leads-Same-Forms-A-B-Testing

You can test different form types (example: ribbons vs lightboxes) against each other and by request you can set it up that it chooses a winner automatically (depending on conversion rate).

You can also test the same type of forms against each other (for example to see which ribbon opt-in template (among 2 or more of them) works the best).

You think your opt-in forms are perfect and the best in the world? Think again. With A/B testing you’ll see that there’s so much you can improve that will increase your conversion rate.

Advanced Targeting

If you don’t use forms with multiple states where you question your readers and segment them depending on the answer, you’ll probably want to target each opt-in form depending on the category, tag or even single posts.

With Thrive Leads advanced targeting feature that has never been easier.


You just need to click on check boxes to tell Thrive Leads where should it show your opt in forms, or maybe where it shouldn’t show them (exclude option – not visible on the image above but it’s there).

Advanced Reporting

And finally, maybe most important feature of all – reporting.

The money is in the list yes, but it’s also in the numbers.

If you don’t monitor your progress, see what’s working and what’s not, constantly improving, you’re not doing it right.


Thrive Leads advanced reporting gives you enough insights to your opt-in forms, conversion rate and the number of subscribers, you can check reports by date, for all lead groups or specific ones and more.

That way you can improve and change things that need to be improved.

Thrive Leads vs Competition

Still not convinced that Thrive Leads is the best tool for growing your email list? Ok, let me try this one last effort. If this doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.

Here’s how Thrive Leads looks when compared to competition:


Thrive Membership – Get more for less money

Borat-memeIf you are still not convinced in the power and value and all the benefits Thrive Leads can bring to your online business, let me show you even more.

Guys from Thrive Themes (Shane and Paul, hey guys), didn’t just make Thrive Leads. They have all tools you may possibly need to start or transform your current online business and make it successful.

Besides Thrive Leads they also have Thrive Content Builder / Thrive Landing Pages (check my review here), amazing WordPress themes and few other plugins.

Few months ago they were incredibly cheap, after which they raised their prices a bit. Since they are adding more and more features constantly I can confirm that they will raise their prices again.

If you want to get their tools and themes for a really special price react now, click here to get Thrive Leads.

And if you really want to save a lot of money (over $700), and get all their tools for an amazingly low fee, then check their membership.

I have it too and I use their plugins on all of my sites, I am recommending them to my clients and I have actually brought them over 100 happy customers so far.

Join our little happy club and get your Thrive membership today 🙂



Next time when someone asks on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere online, what’s the best WordPress list building plugin, feel free to point them to this article 🙂

There’s really not much you can’t do with Thrive Leads, as you have seen for yourself in this article.

I apologize for all those pop ups and slide ins and lightboxes showing all around this article, but that was necessary to show you what exactly will you get when you buy Thrive Leads.

If you still haven’t subscribed to Income Mesh, feel free to do so, and especially do it if you want to be notified about my upcoming list building course (there will be some free tips included too).

So, what do you think about Thrive Leads? Do you use it? If not, will you but it now?

The comment area is right below, if you have any questions feel free to ask them, I’ll happily answer them all.

P.S. Article was formatted, stylized and edited with Thrive Content Builder.

Drazen Prastalo

Blogger, internet marketer, SEO specialist, web designer, entrepreneur, freelancer, Mac user, shopaholic, workaholic and a really nice and funny guy :)

Read more about me or follow me on Twitter.

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  • Gary Jun 13,2016 at 10:16 PM

    Great review and really in-depth, more of a guide.

    I love thrive themes but I think its a backward step to not be able to add thriveboxes to leadgroups (as you could when they were called 2 step forms)

    You will notice that thriveboxes have more templates available than any other formbuilder (multi-step 001 for example is only selectable as a template in thriveboxes)

    • Drazen Prastalo Jun 21,2016 at 4:42 PM

      I actually haven’t notice that, will check it out and report to Thrive Themes, I’m sure they’ll make it available everywhere.

      And thanks Gary, welcome to Income Mesh blog 🙂

  • Doug Cunnington Apr 21,2016 at 7:14 PM

    Hey Drazen, Great review and absolutely the most thorough one on Thrive Leads. I got a few new ideas too. cheers!

    • Drazen Prastalo Apr 21,2016 at 10:11 PM

      Hey Doug, thanks 🙂

      That was the idea, to show how powerful Thrive Leads plugin really is and to inspire people to think out of the box when creating popups and stuff 🙂

  • David Mar 18,2016 at 2:18 PM

    Now THAT’s what I call Epic content :). Great work Drazen.

    • Drazen Prastalo Mar 18,2016 at 3:59 PM

      Thanks David, I really did my best to create the best review possible 🙂

  • daniel Mar 12,2016 at 6:48 AM

    Nice insights! Would like to see Thrive leads comparison with Convertplug, released lately in 2016

    • Drazen Prastalo Mar 12,2016 at 3:18 PM

      Hey Daniel,

      Haven’t tried Convert Plug but from what I saw it’s not a match to Thrive Leads. It’s cheaper yes, but take a close look at Thrive Leads (read this article) and you’ll see it has a lot more advantages.

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