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I thought some of you might be interested in the tools I use here on my blog and on some other websites, so I created this page to share it with you. Tools below will help you bring your business on the next level. I only recommended products I have used and tested myself, but of course, check them out for yourself first and see if they are a good fit for your business needs and goals.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or if you think they will not help you achieve your goals.


Tools below are my favorite tools, I install and use them on each of my website. They are tested, well supported and highly recommended, not just by me, by thousand of users worldwide.

SiteGroundSiteGround hosting – When I create new websites I always use SiteGround as a hosting provider. It’s ultra-fast, it’s cheap, simple to use and you can install WordPress with just 1-click. Besides that, and for me personally, THE most important thing, they have great support via phone or chat. I honestly recommend it, especially for new bloggers. Other things worth mentioning.. if you ask them via support they will install WordPress for you for free, they’ll transfer your website from your old hosting provider for free, you can choose server location (Europe, USA, Asia), you get a free domain and more! Go check them out 🙂


GoDaddyGoDaddy – Some users hate GoDaddy and instead use Name Cheap, but I love it. Mainly because they have coupon discount codes all the time, which you can use to register new domain for around $1. Next year, when you have to renew your name, guess what, you can again find a renewal coupon and renew your domain for less than $10. Awesome right? But still, feel free to check Name Cheap, they are also very good.


Thrive LeadsThrive Leads – Without exaggerating, Thrive Leads is the best WordPress plugin for list building (lead generation) currently at the market. There isn’t a thing it can’t do, opt-in forms in lightbox (pop-up), sidebar widgets, screen fillers, top stripes, slide ins, content lockers, you name it they have it. Not to mention A/B testing, advanced targeting, statistics, smart links etc. If you can buy only one plugin, buy Thrive Leads.


Thrive Content BuilderThrive Content Builder – From the same creators of Thrive Leads comes another top-notch plugin – Thrive Content Builder (TCB). There are landing pages implemented within TCB which you can use and edit as you wish (including opt-in, webinar, sales, thank you, download and other pages). Or you can create your landing pages from scratch with their drag-n-drop builder. Definitely my favorite WordPress plugin.



Thrive Themes membership


AkismetAkismet – If you don’t want to have your website flooded by thousands of spam comments, you should use Akismet. Forget about other anti-spam and captcha and similar plugins, Akismet does the job perfectly. I’ve tried a lot of anti-spam plugins and they just don’t work as good as Akismet. You really don’t need anything else to fight comment spam.


Contact Form 7Contact Form 7 – My favorite contact form plugin for WordPress. Very simple, very easy to use but still has everything you might need from a contact form. You can see it live on my contact page if you want, it literally took me 3 minutes to set it up and put it on my contact page with a simple shortcode (just copy and paste it).


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPressEasy Social Share Buttons for WordPress – This is a premium social sharing plugin for WordPress, but I’ll tell you, I didn’t regret buying it, not once. I’m sure you know how important is to have social sharing buttons on your website, to make it as easy as possible to your readers to share your content. With Easy Social Share Buttons you have so much options, you can choose from dozens of social sharing button looks, display positions and even mobile social sharing buttons.


Q2W3 Fixed WidgetQ2W3 Fixed Widget – You sidebar is a good place to put some important stuff like advertising banners, links to your best content, or optin forms. But when your users scroll down too much, your sidebar’s content is not visible anymore. Q2W3 Fixed Widget solves that problem and make your widgets sticky, that way they are visible no matter how much your readers scroll down.


Pretty LinkPretty Link – With Pretty Link you are able to redirect links and make them shorter in the same time. I use it all the time to hide those ugly affiliate links and in the same time I can easily remember my affiliate links and share them around (because I made them short). Besides that, you have nice statistics of how many times were your links clicked.


WordFenceWordFence – Security is important. If you don’t think so now, I’ll ask you again when you site gets hacked. But don’t wait that long, react now and protect your website. WordFence is one of the best security plugins for WordPress, and I suggest you install it ASAP. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.


Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO)Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO) – Not sure if I even need to explain this. You know how important SEO is these days, if you are not ranked very well in Google you are missing a ton of traffic and potential new leads and customers. Improve your chances of getting found on Google and install Yoast SEO plugin today. It’s downloaded over 1 million times, that tells you enough about it.


WP RocketWP Rocket – I started using WP Rocket recently, and it speed up my website for about a second. It doesn’t sound a lot (in my case dropping from 2.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds load time), but in your case it may be bigger. Website’s load time is important for SEO and user experience, if you’re website is taking too much time to load you are losing customers, that’s a proven fact.



  • Thrive Leads – This is a new WP plugin that was released in February 2015. and everyone has gone crazy about it. Besides regular popups, widgets and really beautifully designed templates they will soon release new features like in-content opt-in forms, multi-step forms and other really amazing things (I can’t discover it all, it’s a secret). But the guys behind this plugin are really serious in making it the best opt-in plugin on the market.
  • Bloom – New player on the market, made by Elegant Themes. It has amazing features but what separates it from the rest are really beautifully designed templates. If you are looking for something that will stand up and attract the attention of your visitors then go with the Bloom.
  • FeatureBox – I regret not installing this WordPress plugin from day one. It’s my number one lead generation tool, meaning, FeatureBox is bringing me the most email subscribers. If you are not using it your are missing out a huge opportunity to double or triple your conversion rate. Get it on 20% discount just for my readers, check here for more info.
  • Popup Ally – Known as the “polite” popup with its one of a kind, non-intrusive popups. Loved by the female population, but very popular among everyone else too. Popup Ally offers great support, nice designs and really powerful options. Check it out, you might fall in love.


  • ScreenFlow – I have tried and used many different video editing softwares and ScreenFlow is by far the best one (for Mac users only). If you record any kind of videos whether your are filming yourself or your computer screen, ScreenFlow will help you to both record it and make it look amazing after in editing process.
  • Camtasia Studio (for PC) – If you are a Windows user this is the best video editing and recording tool out there. It records both you and your screen and it has amazing editing features. As a serious video content maker you just can’t allow yourself not using Camtasia Studio.
  • Splasheo – I heard about Splasheo at the beginning of 2015. and it was love at the first sight. If you need amazing intros or outros for you videos look no further. Words can’t really explain how amazing they are, just go and check out their website.
  • Logitech C920 or C930 web camera – When I started recording videos and needed a great full HD web camera. After a lot of research and countless reviews read all over the place, I have decided on Logitech C920. I can’t recommend it enough (although sound could be better). If you want the latest version (I haven’t tried it) then you should get C930.
  • Blue Yeti Mic (microphone) – It doesn’t matter how great the quality of your video is, if you sound sucks. That’s why I decided to go with the best microphone out there and got myself Yeti mike. It looks amazing and the sound quality is out of this world. This is especially for all of you guys making podcasts, but for everyone else too who need to have their voice recorded in a professional manner.