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Top 5 Ways To Make $hit Load of Money Online in 2015.

Top 5 ways to make money online

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STOP right there and read this article if you really want to make money online in 2015. This is not another “get rich quick” article where I will show you some methods that were mentioned hundreds of times before, this is completely unique and very, very profitable.

It does require some work though, you can’t just be lazy and expect the money to drop out of the sky, but if you are serious, if you have the will and have a computer and internet connection you are ready to go.

I am not giving you just methods to make money online here, I am giving you examples and ideas which you can start using right away, today if you’d like. No more excuses, time to make some serious CASH.

If you want to read how I got into money making online business and a bit about making money online in general, keep reading. If not, scroll down some more and choose your favorite method.

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Back in my teenager years, ever since I got my first computer actually, I was interested in ways to make money online. Because of that interest alone I learned SEO on my own, I created my first blogs and all that brought me where I am today.

10+ years ago I was doing those so called PTC (Paid To Click) programs where you would click on ads and get 1 cent for each click – around 10-15 clicks per day 🙂 It was small money, but if you had enough referrals (and I did) you could still manage to make couple of hundreds of dollars per month.

Today, 10+ years later, it is even easier to make money. You don’t have to click on ads for pennies anymore. A lot more people nowadays have internet connection and a lot more are buying stuff online. You and me included. Your only job is to get the right product in front of the right customer.

Even that is so much easier today, you have Facebook, Twitter and other websites, you can pay literally cents to show your ads to targeted audiences. And you don’t even have to pay, you have eBay, Etsy and similar online stores where you can sell your things, both digital and physical products.

Heck, you don’t even have to have a product for sale, you can sell your services. There’s a ton of freelance websites (like Elance and Odesk) where you can find a full-time job, or a project, and work as VA (Virtual Assistant), you can be a writer, web designer, translator or anything you want.

Still, even in these times of endless possibilities, people are finding it hard to make money online. I’m about to stop that right here, right now.

I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m not saying you won’t have to do anything, but if you really want it, you can really do it.

I will give you tools and ideas, the rest is up to you. You have no excuses. Pick one from the list of my top 5 best methods to make money online and start working.

I don’t just give you the methods, I give you examples on how you can use and twist the method to start making money right now. Please don’t tell me or anyone else that you don’t know how to earn that dollar or that you are broke or in debt. The gateway to your financial salvation is right in front of you.

For newbies, here are some terms explained for better understanding of each method:

  • Affiliate links and affiliate programs – Some products or service have a so called affiliate (partner) programs. That means you can promote them with a unique link (affiliate link) where, when someone buys that products or service through your affiliate link, you get a percentage of the sale.
  • Niche – A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. For example you have internet marketing niche, fitness niche, weight loss niche etc.
  • WordPress or WP – A Content Management System (CMS) which powers over 20% of websites in the world. It’s the most popular solution and one of the easiest ones for beginners to start making websites within minutes. Get your hosting and a free domain at Bluehost and I will personally install WordPress for you.

If there is something unclear to you feel free to ask in comments, I will elaborate.

Methods below are shown in order from the most awesome and easiest to make a lot of money, to a bit less awesome but still great, which will need more work or bring you less money comparing to the first ones.

First one is a killer method which could bring you a lot of money. Other four are also amazing, I just think that the first one is the easiest one and with the most potential.

*Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission if you decide to purchase a product or tool I recommend below. Worry not though, because it doesn’t affect you in any way.

1. Make money with mobile apps (without any coding knowledge)

Making money with mobile apps

This method is so good, almost too good to be true, but it really is that good. I’m going to get in the app business too as soon as I finish my other projects, because the money making possibilities are endless.

So this is the deal. You have the possibility to make mobile apps without any coding knowledge. How can this make you money? Let me give you few examples…

You can create apps for local businesses and charge them $500 – $3000 for an app, plus charge them for monthly maintenance $50 – $100. Now imagine you have 10 customers per month. That means you will make $5000 at least, plus have recurring $500 each month. And that’s only after the first month in the business.

And all that with this drag’n’drop online tool from which you can make mobile apps literally in minutes. Oh, I almost forgot, the tool is called Zapable. Check them out and watch their video to see all the possibilities. To see more ideas on how to make money with this app builder continue reading.

We know that you can build and sell apps for local business, but what if you don’t want to approach people and have the meetings in person, or you are just too lazy, what than? There are countless of options, here’s one…

Create an Amazon store with your affiliate links attached to every product. That means that every time someone buys something though your app you get paid. For example, you can make an app dedicated to some highly popular sports team, like New York Knicks, and share some news about them (automatically through RSS feed) and share fan merchandise, again with your affiliate links.

Now do you get the big picture?

Here are some more things you can do with Zapable (for the full list of features check out their website):

  • Build Amazon store on any topic and make money through Amazon Partner program
  • Add songs from iTunes in your app and make money each time someone buys it
  • Build and sell apps for local businesses
  • Collect leads
  • Notify app users through push notifications
  • Appointment features
  • “Book a table” feature for online reservations at restaurants or even takeaway business
  • Charge your clients a monthly fee for keeping their app up to date

Is that still not enough? Ok, I’ll give you three awesome ideas which you can steal from me and use right now! Here they are:

  1. Contact Amazon store owners and ask them if they want an app for their store! Not only will they promote the app for you, you can have your affiliate links attached to the app and get a commission from each sale!
  2. Display content through RSS feed in any niche – build a specific niche app reader, like all online marketing news in once place – and make money through AdMob (Google Adsense for mobile apps)!
  3. Create an app dedicated to some famous movie star or singer and recommended related products to your app users (each sale goes through affiliate links which means commission for you) and also use AdMob ads within the app!

Are you still reading this article? Go and make your first app at Zapable 🙂

2. Make money with online quizzes (surveys)

Making money with survey quizes

This is another awesome method I will personally use on this blog (I may be even using it right now, depending on when you are reading this article). Anyway, this method, if used smart, can bring you instant profit and can also become your long term ATM machine.

Only requirement for this method is that you have a WordPress powered website or a blog. If you need one, get cheap hosting and a free domain here and I’ll personally install WordPress for you.

Now, there’s a plugin. I’m so happy because of all the smart people and innovators out there who think differently and create tools that can help us, regular guys, to make some money with their help.

Like I was saying, there’s a WordPress plugin which helps you to host a quiz/survey on your website/blog. Nothing special about that, I know, but this WP plugin is not your regular old survey plugin.

It helps you do several things actually:

  1. Collect email addresses (list building anyone?)
  2. Recommend other people’s products (with your affiliate links)
  3. Sell your own product (if you have one)
  4. Collect information from the people who filled in the survey

Do I have your attention now? Ok, here’s how it works and how you can make money with it. It’s really simple and anyone can do it.

You create a set of carefully picked 5 to 10 questions, with prewritten answers which a user can choose from a drop down list. After you have created a survey you publish it on your blog (in your sidebar). A users answers the questions and clicks the send button, BUT, in order to get the answers he/she must fill in his/hers email address.

That’s one part of the deal, getting their email address. Now, here comes the fun part.

The results they will get depend on the answers they have chosen while doing your survey. And the results are, of course, written by you. Now keep in mind, your goal is not to mislead or to trick readers, your goal is to provide a solution and high value. By doing so not only will you get customers, you will get returning customers.

Back to results… Here you have the liberty to recommend solutions to their problems. In most cases the solution will be solved with a paid tool or resource of some kind, which, if they buy, will bring you money since you have used affiliate links for all (or most) recommended products.

Things can get even better if you have your own products or services which you can use at your results page.

Did I mention what was the tool which will help you do all this? It’s called Survey Lead Generator. Keep reading below to get few more ideas on how can you use this product and start making money today.

This method will work the best in any niche where there’s something that needs to be solved, and where there are tools or resources which can help to do that. And where that tools and resources have affiliate programs.

Here are some examples:

  • New entrepreneurs – People who want to be entrepreneurs but don’t have the knowledge or tools or any ideas where and how to start, you show them the way.
  • Money making opportunity seekers – Hey, there you are 🙂 People like me and you who are interested in all the ways on how to make a living online, help them select the right resources or tools so they don’t waste their time.
  • Fitness freaks – They go to the gym regularly, but that’s not enough. They sweat too much, their sneakers are not comfortable or the proteins they take make their tummy hurt. Show them how to be stronger and how to look all cool and handsome in the gym.
  • Beauty Cinderellas – There’s like a ton of new beauty products coming out each day. Find out what your customer problem is (acne, pimples, hair loss etc.) and give them a solution.
  • Overweight people (weight loss) – Do I really need to elaborate this? I’m sure you are aware of the multi-billion industry that is created behind this problem. You’ll find a product or two to promote in your answers without a problem.

And there you have it guys. Grab a copy of your Survey Lead Generator and start making those surveys. Even if you don’t have a website (if not, get affordable hosting and free domain here) I would suggest to create one and start making money as soon as possible.

3. Make money with online giveaways

Making money with online giveaways

How the hell will you make money by giving something for free you ask? A lot easier than you might think.

The whole concept of internet marketing is getting in contact with potential customers, then, selling them stuff. Or, recommending them other people’s products and making money through affiliate commissions.

Online giveaways are a great gateway to provide huge value for free, getting the contact info of your prospects and then converting them to your customers.

Still don’t understand how to make money from this method? Let me give you a few examples and a short tutorial on how the whole process should go.

You need to think backwards, meaning, first you need to decide what will you sell them (or recommend through affiliate links), and only after that will you go an find appropriate product for the free giveaway.

Example 1: Facebook niche

Facebook advertising is huge right now. Everyone wants to advertise on FB and do it the cheapest way possible. There are tons of resources, ebooks, guides, courses and other paid products out there, and most of them have affiliate programs too.

Ok, now you know what will you sell later. Assuming that you did a bit of research and find the most awesome product that will really help people, and which has great commissions for you too.

On to the freebie part…

Think about everything related to Facebook advertising and ads. Here are few things you may give away for free, create yourself (research!) or pay someone on Fiverr to do for you cheap.

  • Facebook ad images set – A set of 10, 20 or X number of high converting images
  • High converting ad titles – A set of titles that convert the best on Facebook ads

Or even better, spend some money (you’ll get it back later don’t worry) and buy a product or service related to Facebook advertising. Giving away something that costs money will attract even more people – the higher the value, the higher number of subscribers.

After the giveaway is over, declare the winner and stay in touch with other contestant that participated in the giveaway, eventually redirecting them to some other, similar product which will bring you money with every sale you make.

And with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands contestants, how many of them will buy the product you decide to recommend? You are correct, a lot.

Example 2: Fitness niche

Summer is approaching really fast, and a lot of people are overweight and would like to lose some fat before they go to the beach. This is your chance.

I believe, and I am almost 100% sure, there are literally thousands of weight loss products on the internet. Find one and buy a copy, or two or even three and give it away in your giveaway. Preferably some high quality and very popular one (remember, the higher the value, the better the interest – ie. more money later).

Then, after you finish with your giveaway and collect few thousands of subscribers (people interested in losing weight), you declare the winner. And now comes the fun part.

You can do these two things (or both). First, try to sell them the same exact product you were giving away for free. Second, find a bit cheaper but still awesome alternative and sell them that. Or, sell them both.

The method

Here’s what you need to do to make this method work:

  • WordPress powered website (get cheap hosting with free domain here and I’ll personally install WordPress for you)
  • A copy of KingSumo giveaway WP plugin (this plugin will automate all that magic needed to have a successful giveaway)
  • Create, pay to be made, find free or buy a cool product for your giveaway
  • Create an account with email marketing services like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse or CampaignMonitor which you will use to contact your prospects later and sell them stuff
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After you have set up your giveaway website it’s time to promote it. You don’t need a lot to get things going, since the KingSumo Giveaway plugin will do the most work and make your giveaway spread around and go viral. I suggest investing a bit money on Facebook or Twitter ads. Make sure to target the right people who will be interested in your product.

Of course, spread the word of your giveaway on other, free channels, too, like on your Facebook and other social profiles, contact your friends, share on forums, blogs etc.

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t. It takes some time to get started, but people are making serious money with this method. I personally know a few people who managed to get several thousands of email addresses in a week and later made some serious money.

4. Make money by selling custom made web services

Making money with web design

Everyone has a website these days, and the ones that don’t are eager to have one ASAP. Website services are becoming cheaper every day and the competition is high, but you can still grab a piece of cake if you play smart.

This method includes several sources of income, from web design, hosting and recurring services like monthly website maintenance.

And here’s how can you be ahead of your competition, offering high quality service, unique designs and cheap maintenance.

Method explained

First, most of the customers will need two things to have a website – hosting and a domain. I recommend Bluehost since it’s cheap and offers a free domain.

Make sure to get one account for yourself with a domain like where you will create and make websites for your clients before you transfer it onto their domain (you do it on a subdomain like Also, it would be great for you to have a website of your own where you will have your website offers available for everyone to see, together with your references later.

Bluehost is also great because you can have unlimited domains and subdomains added to it. It’s also good to have one for yourself to get familiar with it’s interface in case a client asks you something about it (you must know the product you are selling).

Bluehost has an affiliate program which pays you $65 for each signup. That means, with each customer you will get $65 even before you start working on the website. Don’t forget to include that in your web design offer, they must buy hosting through your affiliate link.

After they buy Bluehost, you install WordPress on it and start working your magic,

Now comes the fun part…

Most of those cheap bastards offering web services are using Theme Forest and similar websites for pre-made templates. I don’t advise that, since you want to be better than them and not offering pre-made templates, you will offer unique designs, different for each customer.

If you were wondering how to make completely customized websites, with drag’n’drop functions, I present you Thrive Themes.

With Thrive Themes agency pack (and you must take agency pack since you are going to be selling services and creating websites with their tools for clients), you get a whole bunch of tools. A content builders, several WordPress themes, Thrive landing pages and their awesome Thrive Leads and other plugins.

With that pack you are ready to make any kind of website and even bring it to a whole other level with landing pages and lead capturing.

Here’s what I suggest on the pricing model:

  • Hosting & domain – Make them purchase Bluehost for a year, you get $65 commission
  • Unique web design – You can start as low as $300 – $400 for simple websites (up to 10 pages), but make sure to higher the price after you made 10 or more websites.
  • Website maintenance – Depending on the website design price I would start with $20-$30 per month, then move higher as you put higher price on web design service.
  • Extra options – Lead capturing service setup $50 – $150 with MailChimp, sending newsletters 1-4 times per month $50 – $70, Landing pages $100 – $150 per page (or more, depending on complexity), Multiple language website $100+ etc.

As you can see you can make at least $300 – $400 per website (depending on the size of the website, you can charge even more) + recurring payments of website maintenance.

To twist it a bit, you can specialize in just making websites for local businesses like dentists, lawyers or any other niche you like.

And when business becomes more serious, you can outsource it for a fraction of the price you charge for your clients. Although I suggest to start on your own first to familiarize yourself with the process.

You can make over a $1000 a month easily, and if you really give yourself to it, you could be making several thousands of dollars per month + recurring income of website maintenance, newsletters and other.

5. Make money by selling Kindle eBooks

Making money with Kindle publishing

If you are interested in real passive income, here it is.

Amazon Kindle publishing is huge right now. Each day there are thousands of Kindle books being published and thousands of people are making real passive income from it.

Let me tell you how it works. You write (or pay someone to write it for you) a book, publish it at Amazon Kindle store and make money. Simple enough?

“But I don’t know how to write, my English is not very god (intentional mistake) and all that seems to complicated for me.” Enough with excuses. We live in the 21st century, it’s 2015. now and making money online has never been easier.

You have people that will write quality eBooks for you, software that will help you find the right and profitable niches, people that will make cover designs for you, and pretty much anything else you might think of.

You can do it all on your own if you want too, the choice is up to you.

There are hundreds of categories on Amazon Kindle where you can dive in. Most popular and easiest one for beginner authors are non-fictional sections (like self-help books and similar).

However, before diving in Kindle publishing story I recommend that you do a bit research first. There are some tips and tricks hidden which would be good to know before you begin.

Like there’s KDP Select program where Amazon will promote the hell of your book for 5 days, if you write the book by yourself you you should use a writing software Scrivener (see how to Learn Scrivener Fast here) and many other tricks.

From my own research and experience the best and most complete course on how to make money with Kindle publishing is K Money Mastery created by Stefan Pylarinos (really cool guy). Make sure to watch his video to learn more and engage with his membership program.

Of course I won’t leave you without a freebie. A while back I researched a lot about Kindle money making method and although I still haven’t find time to get on with it (hopefully I will in near future), I still managed to get some valuable notes which I will share with you right now.

Ideas for Kindle books you can use right away:

  • Worldwide events guide – I remember reading about one couple that wrote a Kindle book about Olympic games that were happening that year in…sorry, I don’t remember where exactly. Anyway, they made a ton of money unexpectedly, since it’s a world wide event you can imagine how many people were interest in it. You can apply the same thing on UEFA World Soccer Championship, next Olympic games or any other similar event.
  • Children’s books – Great thing about children’s books is that they don’t have to be long and they can contain a lot of images. You know what, they sell like crazy too.
  • Romance & Relationships – Love is all around us. Together with break-ups, divorces and romantic trips and weekends etc. You could write a romantic guide for single ladies or even hot to get your girlfriend/boyfriend back. There are hundreds of options.

Stefan from K Money Mastery will teach you how to find hundreds of profitable niches and everything else you need to start your Kindle journey as soon as possible. He will show you how you can create, publish and market your own Kindle book without having to write it or know anything about it.

He has developed a system that will show you how to outsource Kindle book creation inexpensively, by hiring writers to write Kindle books for you. These writers will research and create a quality book for you, and then you just take that book, publish it on Kindle and make money from it.

Simple as that. I honestly recommend his program to all of you.


Do me a favor please. If someone tells you that making money online is hard or impossible just send them to this article 🙂

What did you think of it? Do you Like the methods? Now you really have everything to get started.

For anything you don’t understand or need help with, just ask in the comments below and I will help you any way I can.

Drazen Prastalo
Blogger, internet marketer, SEO specialist, web designer, entrepreneur, freelancer, Mac user, shopaholic, workaholic and a really nice and funny guy :) Read more about me or follow me on Twitter.
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