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Google Keyword Planner Search Volume Problem and LongTailPro Alternative

What a fuss did recent Google Adwords changes to its Keyword Planner tool made amongst marketers, it’s almost hard to believe that people will go so crazy about it.

Ok, I get it, if you want to use Google Adwords and create some ads it makes things a bit complicated and if you are not spending a lot of money you’ll just see a search volume range instead of ‘exact’ monthly search volume.

For example, for a keyword that has 18 000 monthly searches, old Google Keyword Planner would show you just that, 18 000, and now after the new changes were made, it shows 10K – 100K.

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SEO Powersuite Review – Essential SEO Tools Package

SEO Powersuit Review

Proper search engine optimization is a ton of work and good SEO Tools can make our lives easier by automating many of the tasks that we would otherwise have to do manually.

As a company that provides Local SEO Services for multiple businesses, we needed a solution that allowed us to streamline our processes without breaking the bank.

I’ve personally tried every major SEO and Keyword tool available. Ultimately we chose to go with SEO Powersuite due the unbelievable power and usability it provides. Plus it’s priced way lower than it should be.

Have you ever looked for SEO tools online? It seems like there’s a billion of them and they all do something different!

You have one that’s good for keyword research, then one that’s good for on page analysis, yet another for link building, and don’t forget about having to do competitor research, and on and on….

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