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Black Friday 2014. Deals for Webmasters and Marketers

Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2014. is approaching rapidly. Most of the companies have already started giving discounts a week before Black Friday weekend, and some of them even 2 weeks before the big day.

I am always prepared for Black Friday promotions, saving few hundred of dollars on the side, to buy products on 50%+ discounts which usually saves me over $1000 if I would buy all that with a regular, full price.

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How to cloak/redirect affiliate links in WordPress

Cloak affiliate links

I’m not sure where’s the problem with affiliate links and why people hate them. It’s like when they see something like ?aff123 or #abcd123 or similar affiliate tracking in the end of url they think it’s something wrong with it, or maybe it’s some sort of scam. Hell, even I have been in that situation and thinking the same thing. Maybe it is in human nature to avoid such things, I don’t know, but it really intrigues me.

Probably because of those reasons, to trick the readers mind and to keep them calm, marketers have been cloaking or redirecting their affiliate links for a long time now (and also to protect their affiliate links from getting hijacked). It was a lot complicated back then, there were many ways of redirecting the links (like .htaccess redirection, which was really pain in the butt), but luckily things have change.

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