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Black Friday 2016 – Deals for Bloggers, Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs


This is probably the most exciting time of the year for all bloggers, internet marketers and also affiliates. It’s the time when people spend the most money in a year, and in the same time when affiliates make the most commissions. Yes, it’s Black Friday time!

While you are counting your commissions and thinking about what 4K TV should you buy to go best with your new PS4 Pro, don’t forget to think about your business too.

It’s a perfect time to get some tools which will help you make even more money, especially since most of them have some kind of special offer now.

I’ve done some research for you and have found the best deals. Check them out below.

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Blogging Internet Marketing

WordPress Scarcity Plugin – Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum Featured

Did you know that by using scarcity and urgency on your sales pages you can increase your conversion rate up to 300%? Sometimes more, sometimes less, of course, depending on how you do it.

If you don’t believe me just Google ‘scarcity conversion rate’ and you’ll find a bunch of articles and case studies on how business owners used some scarcity or urgency tactics to increase their conversion rates by significant margin.

You can use scarcity in multiple ways, with two most popular being:

  • Time limitation (ex. Special offer ending in 10 days – Get it now)
  • Limiting the number of available products (ex. Only 57 copies left).

The thing is, most of these tactics used online on different websites were custom coded. There simply wasn’t a good, bulletproof, intuitive, easy to use and effective solution for scarcity available as a WordPress plugin – until now.

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Blogging Internet Marketing

How to Find Profitable Niche (Topic) For Your Blog – Beginners Guide


Making money online can be fast or slow, but never easy. It can be easier and faster if you take the right first steps. One of those steps is picking the right niche.

In this article I am talking about how to find profitable niches for your blog, but this guide can also be used for anything else – like choosing a profitable niche for your next product.

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