Learn how to optimize your articles to get 300+ social shares, plenty Google love and lots of traffic!
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This is the exact same blueprint I use whenever I want to create awesome articles for my blog.

In case you were wondering, an awesome article is:

  • Article with descriptive but catchy headline
  • Article that goes viral and generates 200, 300 or more social shares
  • Article which contains amazing and pro looking images (especially with the featured image)
  • Article which is easy to read
  • Article which is fast to load
  • Article which makes a reader stay longer on the page and actually read it
  • Article which gets traffic!

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Here's how Article Optimization Blueprint worked for my articles

Not just a guide, you'll get an easy to follow action template too!

1. Easy to follow action template

2. PDF with everything explained in details

And this is what you will learn

  • How to write catchy smart headlines that will increase your click-through rate and make it irresistible for your readers + tools to automate the whole process, making the whole headline creation process enjoyable and fun.
  • How to create amazing professionally looking images for your articles, which will look great when shared on social networks and will make your blog to really stand out from your competition
  • How to write your articles in a way to make both your readers intrigued and Google friendly too
  • How to make your readers to want to share your articles on social networks
  • How to get shares from authority figures in your field
  • How to get more comments on your articles
  • How to optimize your videos and images for the article

Check out what a few people are saying about my Article Optimization Blueprint

Nader Qudimat Online Fitness Instructor

This blueprint gets down to the point and shows how articles should be presented. What Drazen has here is an excellent source with some golden nuggets that isn't really talked about much as people are so obsessed with creating content that they forget about this stuff. Readers easily bounce off a messy article, this will fix that problem and get readers digging through from top to bottom of articles. There's no reason to skip this unless you're already a master at optimizing your articles.

Louie Luc Blogger

Drazen's Article Optimization Blueprint is outstanding, it helped me improving both conversions and incoming organic traffic. I got a x2 boost! The blueprint is really easy to follow for anyone. Writing and creating compelling content just gets so much easier with a step-by-step guide like this to follow! BIG +plus for Drazen's superior service, super friendly and motivated to assist me.