About Income Mesh

Hello everyone and welcome to Income Mesh blog!

My name is Drazen Prastalo, I’m the owner and writer of most articles published here, also an internet marketer, online entrepreneur and an author. Here’s what you can learn and read about on Income Mesh blog:

  • Affiliate marketing tips – The goal of this blog is generating income through affiliate marketing. That means I am going to be reviewing and recommending a lot of useful internet marketing products, which will save your time and make your decision on which tool or service to use a much easier. Besides that, you will see what works for me and what doesn’t, so that you can replicate my steps to your business also. I am here to teach you and to help you, making an income out of it is just a positive side-effect and a reward for my efforts.
  • List building tips – The core of every business, IMHO, is “the list”. The list of email subscribers to be exact. Because of that I will also cover the topic of list building heavily, discussing the best tactics and showing you what has worked for me and what hasn’t.
  • Traffic generation tips – Without traffic a website has no purpose. This is why I am going to be revealing the best free traffic sources from my experience, together with some paid traffic tips and tricks. Not only that, I’ll be sharing some cool tips on how to make your article go viral and make a tons of social shares.
  • Monetization AKA making money online – Every online business shares the same goal – to make more money, more sales, more customers, more leads. Selling online and making a profit can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be hard. With my tips you’ll start making your first money online in no time. Or even better, I’ll show you how to increase the profit you already make each month.
  • Blogging / Writing – Each blog is essentially a reading platform. Meaning, someone needs to write all that content. I’ll talk about and share the best writing tips that are helping me to write, review and sell. Yes, copywriting, I’m not an expert in that, but I do know a trick or two, and I am willing to share it.
I invest a lot of time in my articles, that’s why there might not be so much of them available. But the ones that are, are highly valuable and actionable.

Since I often find myself spending a lot of time searching on Google to find things that I need for my business or to solve a certain problem, I’ve come to conclusion that there’s a lack of good articles on certain subject and that’s why I wanted to fill that blank and help everyone else with similar issues.

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I’m a fan of AIO (All-In-One) blog posts where you can find everything you came for without having to look somewhere else. That’s what I’ll try to accomplish with Income Mesh.

You can expect to find great and in-depth tutorials here, along with case studies, reviews and even income reports.

Making a living from a blog is not impossible, although it takes time, persistence and a lot of effort. I am here to show you how I do it so that you can replicate my steps.