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Black Friday 2016 – Deals for Bloggers, Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

This is probably the most exciting time of the year for all bloggers, internet marketers and also affiliates. It’s the time when people spend the most money in a year, and in the same time when affiliates make the most commissions. Yes, it’s Black Friday time!

While you are counting your commissions and thinking about what 4K TV should you buy to go best with your new PS4 Pro, don’t forget to think about your business too.

It’s a perfect time to get some tools which will help you make even more money, especially since most of them have some kind of special offer now.

I’ve done some research for you and have found the best deals. Check them out below.

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Website Push Notification – Best Tools and Services for Marketers

If you are a regular Income Mesh visitor you have probably noticed a small banner appearing at the top of your screen asking you to allow or disallow push notifications from this website onto your computer (as shown on the image below).

Even if you didn’t allow it, it still appears on the right side of your screen as a red stripe with “Get Notifications” written all over it.

If you saw all that – congratulations, you have experienced live website push notification. 🙂

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Google Keyword Planner Search Volume Problem and LongTailPro Alternative

What a fuss did recent Google Adwords changes to its Keyword Planner tool made amongst marketers, it’s almost hard to believe that people will go so crazy about it.

Ok, I get it, if you want to use Google Adwords and create some ads it makes things a bit complicated and if you are not spending a lot of money you’ll just see a search volume range instead of ‘exact’ monthly search volume.

For example, for a keyword that has 18 000 monthly searches, old Google Keyword Planner would show you just that, 18 000, and now after the new changes were made, it shows 10K – 100K.

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